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Switchboard Upgrade and Repair


Signs that you need to upgrade your switchboard:

  • flickering lights
  • fuse keeps blowing
  • no safety switch
  • short circuits
  • increased demand on your existing circuit due to overcrowding
  • loose connections

What is a switchboard?

Think of your switchboard like the nucleus of your electrical system in your home. All of the electrical wiring in your home connects up to the switchboard and it directs the electricity from the main supply to the rooms in your home.

Generally in Australia and even the old Queenslander homes in Toowoomba have the switchboard on the outside of your home.

You want to know where your switchboard is so that if you end up without lights or power you know where to go to have a look to see if your fuse has blown (again!).


Why are old switchboards dangerous?

Outdated switchboards can pose a real risk to the people living in your dwelling or working in your business! These risks include:

  • higher risk of electrical shocks
  • no safety switch: vulnerable!
  • higher risk of catching fire due to a power surge and lack of safety switch
  • some older boards in older homes in Toowoomba are made from materials containing asbestos. Speak to your electriciantoday to see if this is the case for your home.

How do safety switches work?

Safety switches are vital to keeping everyone safe in your home. They are also known as RCD(residual current device), they work by immediately cutting off the power source when a surge or a current is detected that is too large or is flowing down an unplanned path.

Safety switches significantly reduce the risk of electrocution and other injuries related to electric shock accidents.

Also of older outdated switchboards lack safety switches, therefore it is crucial to upgrade your switchboard as early as possible.

The demands of today’s electrical appliances and needs are way larger than what they were when a lot of older homes in Toowoomba were designed to withstand, another reason why switchboards need to be upgraded is to be able to keep up with the demands of normal usage these days!



If you have a dodgy fuse that keeps blowing then it is time to upgrade your switchboard with a new one that will be able to keep up with the electrical demands of families today.

Being the nucleus or the brain of your electrical system in your home or office, a lot of electrical problems stem from your switchboard.

The first step in any trouble shooting with electrical needs is to check the switchboard. This is to check if there is any electricity flowing therefore if it is safe to start work.

Our electricians care about you and your home, and they also care about their safety and returning to their family after a day’s work. Our electricians are trained in keeping themselves safe therefore you can trust that they will take all necessary measures in creating a safe environment to work in.

Our Electrician Services in Toowoomba

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Switchboard Ugrades

  • Your Electrical Capabilities need to grow with your business and residential home
  • we rely on electricity: power, lights, aircon, computers, eftpos

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  • Fault finding and solution focused

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