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Emergency Electrician

Our reliable electricians can come to your emergency electrical needs any time of the day or night.

Whether it’s a power outage, blown up fuse, a burnt smell from appliances and outlets, you can be sure that we’ll be there asap.

Residential Electrician

Our residential electrician can help you with all your domestic electrical needs such as LEd lighting, ceiling fan installation, AC repair, hotwater system repair, you name it.

Wilsonton residents can rest assured they have hired a licensed, qualified and experienced local sparky.

Commercial Electrician

Your business needs reliable electricals to keep everything running smoothly. We provide high-quality wiring and switchboard upgrades capable of handling your computers, Eftpos, lighting, air conditioning, hot water, and security.

Our Electrician Services

in Wilsonton Toowoomba

Smoke Alarm Installation & maintenance

Our fully licensed and expert electricians in Wilsonton can take care of all your smoke alarm needs. This includes smoke alarm Installation, maintenance, testing, repair, and replacement services.

Switchboard Ugrades

Keeping our customers safe is our top priority. This is why we offer repair and upgrade of switchboards which includes installation of safety switches. Our reliable and insured electricians are always ready for your call.

Air Conditioners

Year round comfort, especially in the hot QLD summer months, better air quality, improved focus and productivity, air conditioning does a lot more than cool your air down. Call us to install your AC system now!

Hot Water Systems

Have you got a hot water system that isn’t working as it should? Our electricians are fully licensed and knowledgeable and can fix your electric hot water system in no time.

Light Installation

Do you know that you can improve the lighting in your home? With LED lights, you can have energy-saving lighting whether indoors or outdoors. Plus, you can choose whatever style you want to have for your home.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans are an economical option to cool down the temperature inside your home. You can choose from the standard type or dual function with lighting fixtures too. Our services include ceiling fan installation and repair for homes and industrial settings as well.

Power Point Installation

Too many appliances using one power point can be dangerous. You need to add more power points to balance the flow of electricity in your home. Our electricians can install, repair, replace, or move power points for convenience and better accessibility.

Electrical Safety Inspections

Keeping your home and your business safe from any electrical danger is very important. Our services offer electrical safety inspections for residential and commercial properties, inspecting: power points, switchboards, lights, circuits, smoke alarm, and much more.

Licensed Electrician Wilsonton

Common electrical service in Wilsonton Toowoomba:

Commercial Electrical Work

Although Wilsonton is mostly residential, there is a growing commercial pocket in this area that our electricians find are a common client requiring commercial electrical work.

Whether your business is renovating, setting up a new business, or just upgrading some small aspects of your office or business, you’ll need an experienced and licensed commerical electrician to make sure everything is done to code.

Keep yourself, your employees and clients safe and productive with reliable electrical works in your commercial property.

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