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Licensed Electrician in Newtown Toowoomba

Emergency Electrician

Do you need a dependable electrician ASAP? Give us a call any time of the day of night. Our qualified and insured electricians understand the urgency of an electrical emergency. 

Residential Electrician

Our residential electricians service the residents of Newtown for any electrical needs at home. Whether it’s maintenance or emergency electrical problem, you can be sure that you can rely on us.

Commercial Electrician

We understand that your business is top priority. Experienced commercial electricians for maintenance, emergency and renovations for commercial properties.

Our Electrician Services

in Newtown Toowoomba

Smoke Alarm Installation & maintenance

Smoke detectors are lifesavers. They’re vital in every home and in businesses. Our electricians can install, maintain, test, repair, and replace smoke alarms to keep you safe and worry-free.


Switchboard Ugrades

Did your switchboard blow your fuse? Perhaps it’s time to upgrade it! Our team is always ready to repair and upgrade your switchboard to ensure your safety.

Air Conditioners

Enjoy a better living and working environment by installing air conditioning in your home or office. Our licensed electricians can install any type of air conditioning best suited to your needs, service them and repair ac units. 


Hot Water Systems

A working and reliable hot water system is vital to every home in Newtown.  Our licensed electricians install, service and repair electrical hot water systems.

Light Installation

Optimise the feel and look of your home with thoughtful lighting. While you’re at it, consider energy efficiency in the lighting options you have. 

Ceiling Fan Installation

The practical efficiency of ceiling fans is what makes them a staple in homes across Toowoomba. We install and repair ceiling fans of all shapes and sizes. 

Power Point Installation

Overloading the power points in your home is dangerous. We install and move power points in your home or office for best efficiency and safety. 

Electrical Safety Inspections

Our experienced electricians conduct electrical safety inspections on properties to ensure the safety of all electrical components.  

Electrician Toowoomba


Common electrical service in Newtown Toowoomba:

Switchboard Upgrade

Our team of experienced electricians loves contributing to a safe and efficient Toowoomba. 

A vital component of a functioning and safe electrical system in a house is the switchboard.

Signs that your switchboard isn’t working as it should:

  • flickering lights
  • fuse keeps blowing
  • no safety switch
  • short circuits
  • increased demand on your existing circuit due to overcrowding
  • loose connections

A switchboard that has any of the above symptoms is a safety risk for your home because faulty switchboards mean:

  • higher risk of electrical shocks
  • no safety switch to prevent electrical shocks and surges to damage things that are plugged in
  • higher risk of catching fire due to a power surge and lack of safety switch

If you are concerned that your switchboard may need some attention or it isn’t doing what you need it to be doing, contact your local electrician in Newtown to hear about our switchboard services. 


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