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Quality Electrical Services for our residents in Glenvale. 

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Licensed Electrician on call 24/7 

Quality Electrician in Glenvale Toowoomba

Emergency Electrician

Protect yourself and your family during an unexpected electrical fault by engaging with a licensed and insured emergency electrician. Our electricians are ready anytime and any day of the week.

Residential Electrician

We are happy to accommodate all your residential electrical needs. Whether you need an upgrade or repair of lighting, electrical wiring, or additional power points, we can take care of them all.

Commercial Electrician

Our reliable commerical electricans will promote smooth sailing business operations, continuous productivity, and happ, comfortable employees.

Our Electrician Services

in Glenvale 

Smoke Alarm Installation & maintenance

Call us for your smoke alarm installation, maintenance, testing, repair, and replacement. Residential and Commercial properties in Glenvale. 

Switchboard Ugrades

Your switchboard plays a vital part in the electrical system of your home and the safety of your household. We upgrade and service switchboards in Glenvale. 

Air Conditioners

Our licensed and experienced electricians can recommend the best AC system for your home or business to meet your needs. We install, repair, service and replace airconditioning units. 

Hot Water Systems

Is your hot water system producing lukewarm or cold water? Our electricians install, repair and replace electrical hot water systems, so you can enjoy your hot showers again. 

Light Installation

Save money with an energy-efficient home. Our services include LED lights installation including downlights and better lighting placement for optimum energy efficiency and effectiveness. 

Ceiling Fan Installation

 Whether it’s the standard type or the dual-type ceiling fans, our electricians install, repair and replace ceiling fans for optimum airflow.

Power Point Installation

Need more powerpoints? Or in different locations? Our licensed and insured electricians can add, move, replace, or repair power points for your safety and convenience. 

Electrical Safety Inspections

 Our licensed and experienced electricians will make sure that every electrical element in your home or business is up to standards and hazard-free.

Reliable Electrician Glenvale

Common electrical service in Glenvale Toowoomba:

Lighting Installation 

One of our popular electrical services in Glenvale is lighting installation.

We offer external and internal lighting installation, LED lights installation, repair and replacement of faulty or suboptimal lights, and many more.

Replacing the halogen lights with LED lights will make your home energy efficient therefore saving you a lot of money from electricity bills.

Our licensed and experienced electricians can also recommend the best lighting option for your property and the ideal locations for your lighting for the optimum effect.

If you are about to renovate, speak to our qualified electricians to discuss optimum placement for lights, the types of lighting for indoor and outdoor areas.

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