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Keep your environment comfortable all year round, get your air conditioner installed today.

Discover how much value having an air con in your home or office can give you all year round.

Whether you are too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter, you can have control over your ambient temperature to help you be the most comfortable and efficient you!

Toowoomba Electrical offer the following air conditioning services:

  • Licensed Air Conditioning installation in your Toowoomba home or business
  • Split System Air Conditioners and Ducted System Air-conditioning installation
  • Advice on the best Air Conditioner for your needs in the home or business
  • On time, friendly technicians

air conditioning installation Toowoomba

Which type or air conditioning system is best for you?


The most common types of Air Conditioning Systems:

  • Ducted AC system
  • Split System

Ducted Systems:


Consist of an internal fancoil unit installed in the roof space of your home and a series of ducts in the desired rooms that work to keep you cool. With this syste of AC, you can chose which zones of the house you want to be cooled/heated, this is called ‘zoning’.

The thermostat on the wall will allow you to set which temperature you want your home/office to be.

The benefits of this are that it is easy and simple to cool or heat the entire house or certain rooms, this is a good option when constructing a new home or doing major renovations.

The disadvantages of this type of air conditioning system is that it is a big undertaking to install these roof ducted systems, it is costly and required significant resources as it required professional trades people to prepare the ceilings and roof space as well as to install this unit.

Split System Air Conditioners:


The split system air cons are split into two main units: evaporative heat exchanger that blows air into the room and the outside condensing heat exchanger.

This system is obvious as it is literally a unit that is installed on the wall in the chosen room.

Benefit of Split System AC: lower initial price of purchasing the unit as well as installation, requiring a licensed technician to do so but is a lot less labour intensive than the Ducted AC system.

This type of air conditioning system is best suited for cooling or heating a single room as it is small, it is more cost effective because you’re heating/cooling the area that you are residing in however it does not affect the rest of the house/office.

It depends on your home or office which system is best and most appropriate. Consider the stage of building/renovation you’re at, weigh up the cost differences, how large the space is that you want to cool/heat, aesthetics of a discreet ducted system vs an obvious split system and electricity bills.

Ask your electricianwhat type of air conditioning system we would recommend for your home or office to keep your family and employees safe and productive!

Learn more about which split system air conditioning is best for your home with this size guide.

Split system air conditioning installation Toowoomba

Benefits of an Air Conditioning System


  • Improves indoor air quality
    having an AC system installed will increase the ventilation in your room with an AC unit which helps to purify the air you breath, bringing better ventilation to your bedroom or lounge.
  • Increased Security
    without an AC system, the only way to get fresher air quality is to open your windows which leaves you and your home vulnerable to intruders. Having an AC will make you less likely to leave your windows open by mistake, keeping you and your belongings safer.
  • Longevity of your furniture and belongings
    Air con dries out the ambient air, it reduces the humidity that causes furniture and other appliances to prematurely age especially wooden and leather materials. Mould is also decreased due to less humidity in the air, keeping your linen cupboard safe from the unwanted growth!
  • Improves Concentration and mental wellbeing
    Ever feel sluggish with the heat? or so cold that you can’t leave the bed in the morning? Here’s a life hack for you: control your ambient temperature with an AC system. This will improve your ability to focus and increase productivity because when we are more comfortable, we can focus on other things such as our work when at the office. Your employees will be grateful and you will get better outcomes for your business too, win win!


Our Electrician Services in Toowoomba

Smoke Alarm Installation & maintenance

    • Installation up to current smoke alarm requirements in QLD
    • regular safety checks and certification of compliance
    • Hard wired smoke alarms installed by an electrician Toowoomba
    • upgrade and fault fixing

Switchboard Ugrades

  • Your Electrical Capabilities need to grow with your business and residential home
  • we rely on electricity: power, lights, aircon, computers, eftpos

Air Conditioners

We're the electrician Toowoomba residents choose for all their air conditioning needs including:

  • Air conditioning installation
  • Air conditioning service
  • Air conditioning repair

Hot Water Systems

  • No Hot Water?
  • Hot water not staying how for very long?
  • running out of hot water?
  • don't put up with it! Your hot water tank may need repair or replacing!

Light Installation

  • LED down light installation to modernise your office and business
  • upgrade of existing lighting to energy saving lighting
  • commercial lighting

Ceiling Fan Installation

  • Indoor and outdoor fans
  • industrial and residential ceiling fans
  • ceiling fan repair
  • ceiling fan installation

Power Point Installation

  • power point installation
  • power point moving
  • power point replacement from single socket to multi socket

Electrical Safety Inspections

  • Moving office?
  • New Business?
  • Periodic safety checks
  • Fault finding and solution focused

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